Sunday, January 29, 2006

Gillette M3Power Nitro or Blades, Blades, Everywhere...

I finally broke down and bought the Gillette M3Power Nitro in December. I had been using the "non-powered" Mach 3 razor for several years, and was skeptical that this upgrade was nothing more than a battery-driven gimmick. I was wrong. It's by far the best razor that I have used. The razor actually seems to stick to your face resulting in a very close shave.

Dolf's Grade: A

Note: Gillette is introducing a new 6 blade razor (Not a misprint, 6 blades!) during the Super Bowl. The bright orange Gillette Fusion features a 5 blade shaving surface and an additional blade on the back of the razor for precise trimming. Gillette now takes the crown away from Schick whose Schick Quattro features a mere 4 blades. Good job, Gillette!

I rest easy each night knowing that no other country is dedicating so much of its best and brightest engineering talent to advances in razor blade development. Take that, World!

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