Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Despair.com = Hilarious

[If you love The Office, The Dolf Zone's artificial intelligence matching system predicts you will love Despair.com]

You have probably seen one or two of Despair Inc's "Demotivators". Despair's products parody all of those motivational business posters espousing teamwork and integrity and other rah rah positivity.

AT DESPAIR, INC., we believe motivational products create unrealistic expectations, raising hopes only to dash them. That’s why we created our soul-crushingly depressing Demotivators® designs, so you can skip the delusions that motivational products induce and head straight for the disappointments that follow!
You can view all of the company's "Demotivators" and order them in poster, calendar, notecard and other various forms. Some of my favorites are Destiny, Fear, Laziness, Limitations, Mediocrity, and Strife.

The best part of Despair.com are the three free video clips contained in the video podcast section of the site. All three videos are hilarious. I was laughing out loud, which is very rare! I will never look at a bottle of hand sanitizer the same way again. The videos are titled Addressing Employee Complaints, Disconfirmation, Pt. 1, and Principles of Organizational Storytelling and are available in QuickTime or Windows Media Player formats.

If I was in the business of developing TV shows (which I should be!), I would be all over this!

Dolf's Grade: A

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