Monday, February 13, 2006

Reruns During Sweeps Month?

After checking out the "To Do" list on my Tivo last night, I was surprised to notice that there were very few new programs being recorded this week. "What the hell is going on!" I wondered aloud... February is a "sweeps" month and there are only supposed to be new and shiny shows on during this time, not damned, dirty repeats! Then I remembered... It must be the stupid Olympics!

It looks like CBS and ABC are pretty much giving up February Sweeps to NBC and not showing very much new programming. P*ssies! Think about it! Not everyone wants to watch people running around with skis and guns or prancing around on the ice! At least Fox seems to be taking a stand. 24 is new tonight and American Idol will air new episodes throughout the month.

Scrubs returns with new episodes on February 28th while The Office doesn't start showing new episodes until March 2nd.

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