Saturday, February 18, 2006

So You Want To Give Us Free Publicity For Our Shows? No Thanks!

I just read an article stating that NBC Universal is forcing video sharing sites such as to remove video clips of NBC shows. I am sure it won't be long before other networks follow suit. Read YouTube's official statement.

I agree that entire episodes should not be available, but short clips should be allowed. It's free publicity! What could possibly be wrong with that?

The networks are constantly complaining about poor ratings. So what could be better than a viral video going around of Turk airbanding "Poison" to get more people curious about Scrubs? And I am certain the immense popularity of the clip "Lazy Sunday" has helped SNL's ratings this year. You couldn't buy better publicity! As always, the suits just don't get it... Stupid!

P.S. The NBC web designers don't get it either. It is impossible to link directly to NBC's official videos because they use a JavaScript popup window instead of the permalink style. Think of how much traffic their web site could get if they used a system similar to YouTube's.

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codeman38 said...

As I pointed out in a comment over at BoingBoing, it's also impossible to play any of the videos from NBC's site on a Mac or in Linux— while YouTube's videos are perfectly accessible on those platforms. Nice way to alienate a good 10% of viewers there, NBC.