Wednesday, March 29, 2006

American Idol Predictions

If I was being honest... I'd have to sum up last night's show in one word - dreadful. Ok, I'll stop with the Simonisms...

However, with a category as broad as "Songs of the 21st Century", one would have thought that the Idol contestants would have made better song selections and consequently would have given better performances. Unfortunately, that did not happen. From Ace's off key rendition of "Drops of Jupiter" to Lisa's even more off key performance of "Because of You" to Chris Daughtry's scream-a-thon "What If", I thought the show was a big disappoinment. Sorry, I almost forgot to mention Kellie Pickler's enthralling performance of "Suds in a Bucket". Yes suds... and they are in a bucket... Tremendous.

The lone highlight for me was Taylor Hicks' performance of "Trouble". Although I did not know the song, I thought the performance was very good. Finally a serious performance from the man in gray! It looks like Taylor must have read my post from last week.

The bottom three...

* Lisa
* Bucky
* Ace

However, I wouldn't be surprised if Katharine or Mandisa show up in one of the slots. I didn't like either of their performances. Katharine is becoming increasingly boring.

Screw you guys I'm going home...

And for the second week in a row, I predict Lisa Tucker is going home. Bucky is running a close second, but I think he has the whole NASCAR vote locked down and will last another week.

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