Sunday, March 12, 2006

Google Working Hard to Become Your Next Microsoft

Google just purchased online word processor, Writely. It is now very obvious that Google wants an online, Web 2.0-ified, AJAXy office suite that will destroy the Microsoft Office monopoly.

I would not be surprised if Google buys JotSpot Tracker within the next week or so. This would give Google a state-of-the-art web-based spreadsheet program to compete with Excel. Google would only need some type of presentation program (similar to PowerPoint) and it would have all of the tools it needs to take on Microsoft Office.

I would like to see Google tie its various properties together now. It seems most of them live separately and aren't very well integrated. Perhaps a My Yahoo-like GoogleTown where Gmail and other Google services could live as one would be a good step. I am very surprised Google has not come up with a true My Yahoo-like portal page. I am sure we will see something like that very soon.

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