Monday, March 06, 2006

"Martin Scorsese 0, Three 6 Mafia 1"

John Stewart was competent last night. There is no doubt that Stewart is great on The Daily Show, but like David Letterman before him, he looked nervous and out of place on the Oscar stage. Basically, a "TV guy" trying to hang out with the "movie guys". Give Stewart some credit however... The Scorsese/Three 6 Mafia line was hilarious and poignant at the same time. I am sure that line will be quoted for years to come. Hopefully it will be repeated enough times to sink into the heads of the voters who have denied Scorsese an Oscar for so long.

As for the show itself, I thought it was a perfectly boring way to cap a perfectly boring year in movies. Almost everyone got an award! Six different films split the top six Oscars. How boring is that? It's just like that politically correct teacher who has the "Everyone's a winner!" attitude and doesn't want to keep score because you should be playing for fun and not competition!

Let's hope 2006 turns out to be a better year for the movies. I am glad that all remnants & reminders of 2005 are finally over!

And as I predicted in an earlier post from nearly a month ago, the ratings were abysmal. If intitial Nielsen data holds true, this year's Oscars' telecast will be the second least-watched in history!

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Mr. Bluestein said...

Here's an idea for you! Since you're such a big fan of TV, why don't you discuss the differences between regular broadcasts and high-defini...


I forgot that you don't own an HDTV. I'm so sorry. I just figured that, since you spend so much time watching TV and trying to inform the world of your TV-related opinions, you'd make some minimal effort to keep up with the related technology.

Maybe you could write about your Betamax collection!!!! OMG!!!! Did I just say that??!!! I did!!!!!