Thursday, March 30, 2006

More Arrested Development...

In an effort to further torture Arrested Development fans and string them along a little more, Fox TV announced the following statement today,
"While there are no plans to resume production at this time, we know all too well from our experience with FAMILY GUY -- another brilliant comedy which didn't find its audience in its first network run -- that anything is possible. We'll always be a little hopeful that this is not quite the end for this amazing show."
Imagine TV, which produces Arrested Development, added:
"If it is really over, and I'm not quite sure that it is, the show's been an incredible source of pride for Ron [Howard] and Brian [Grazer] and I", says David Nevins, head of Imagine TV noting there were "a few avenues left to explore" -- I wouldn't write the obit."
To quote one of my favorite Seinfeld lines, "Just take one dip and end it!"

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