Thursday, March 30, 2006

New Episode of The Office Tonight, American Idol Recap, & More

Since The Office has now entered into Lost-mode (one new episode followed by four repeats), I thought I should alert everyone that a new episode is indeed airing tonight! After this evening's broadcast, there are only three new episodes left which includes the May 11th finale.

From NBC:

MICHAEL'S BIRTHDAY 9:30pm 2006-03-30
In celebration of his birthday, Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) takes the Dunder Mifflin gang ice skating, while Kevin nervously waits for some medical test results. TV-14

The Office to air "Webisodes" this Summer...

NBC is producing 10 (count'em... 10!) web-only "webisodes" of The Office for this summer. Each webisode is two minutes long and features the accounting staff of Dunder Mifflin in a whodunit over a missing $3,000. Most of the major characters (Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer and B.J. Novak) will not appear, however Dwight (Rainn Wilson) is rumored to be involved in the project.

American Idol Recap...

After three straight weeks in the bottom three, Lisa goes home as I predicted. Unfortunately, I think her departure will have the negative effect of discouraging the contestants from singing more challenging songs. Lisa attempted a tough song and failed. This will not be lost on the other contestants. Expect a lot of "safe" song choices in the coming weeks.

For an exhaustive analysis of the results show, check out Clyde's post. I do not see how so many words can be written about a 30 minute show, but Clyde manages to do it. And if you can not tell, he really dislikes Kellie - 1 & 2.


Rob said...

The judges hit the nail on the head Tuesday nite by ripping apart the song selection. But I don't think it was the song selection as much as it was the artists whose songs they chose. Kelly Clarkson, Sara Evans, and Christina Aguilera have 3 of the best voices out there. If you're going to be compared to someone, don't choose the top of the heap unless you've really got the pipes. Katherine is the only one who could've come close and even she fell flat. I thought the judges gave her too much credit after her performance and Simon righted that last nite by saying it wasn't that good when he replayed the show. However, I was still shocked to see her and not Kellie in the bottom 3. Kellie's "Suds..." was a complete dud. I have Katherine, Chris, and Taylor picked as my final 3 so I was a little disapointed last nite.

Anyone think we might see the reamining members of Creed calling up Chris ?

Dolf said...

"Anyone think we might see the remaining members of Creed calling up Chris?"

I would love to know the legal obligations of the contestants?

I wonder how "locked in" they really are?

For example, if Chris gets to the finals and loses, could he accept an offer from Creed or Fuel the next day? Or does American Idol own him for the next year???