Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"The Return of Chef!" Tonight at 10pm

South Park's tenth season starts tonight at 10pm on Comedy Central. And in response to Isaac Hayes quitting the show and the subsequent Scientology debacle, South Park's creators have slapped together a show that capitalizes on the mess.

A Comedy Central spokesperson said that Matt Stone and Trey Parker can put together an episode in as little as three days. "That's their history," he said. "It's a matter of how long...they can stay awake."

"The Return of Chef!" synopsis from Comedy Central:
The town of South Park, Colorado, is jolted out of a case of the blues when Chef suddenly reappears on the scene, but it quickly becomes apparent to Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman that something about their old friend is different. When Chef's strange behavior starts getting him in trouble, the boys band together in an effort to save him.


GG said...

this was one of the best episodes ever!

Dolf said...

I thought it was very good as well. Especially considering they had less than one week to write, edit, and produce the episode!