Monday, March 27, 2006

Taylor Hicks & Chris Daughtry's Pre-American Idol Music

Thanks to Rob for these links to Chris and Taylor's pre-American Idol music.

Taylor Hicks Music...
"Hell of a Day" (3:32)
"Heart and Soul" (2:43)
"Soul Thing" (3:56)
Buy Taylor's CD

Chris Daughtry Music...


Anonymous said...

I have to say I am a huge Chris fan and a fan of Absent Element!! However, i just listened to Taylor's pre Idol music and I have to say..."Lord have mercy!" He has absolutley astonished me!! I dont even know what to say right now but "WOW!" Thanks to whoever made this site available for discovery! I have to admit I have never been and Idol watcher until this season. The moment I saw Chris singing Hemmorage I got hooked. I loved Taylor as well, but, that has just been brought to a whole new level! Still an avid Chris junkie, I think Ill purchase Taylors cd to listen to on my Sundays off, when me and my children do our weekend road trips!! I am in awe! Thank You

Dolf said...

That's what The Dolf Zone is here for! Tell your TV-addicted friends... Thanks, Dolf