Thursday, March 23, 2006

Weekend Rental Recommendation: The Weather Man

The Weather Man is a great movie. I would loosely classify it as an existential, dark comedy. Consider it a Fight Club for the middle-aged married (or newly divorced) man. The promotional blurbs on the DVD correctly draw a comparison to American Beauty and About Schmidt. If you liked any of those movies, you will no doubt like The Weather Man.

Although this is a major studio release, you probably have not even heard about this movie. Why? Because The Weather Man suffered from poor marketing! When the film was released in theaters last October, I vaguely remember some stupid commercials featuring Nicholas Cage running around the Chicago streets with a bow and arrow. Although I am a Nicholas Cage fan, after seeing the trailers, I did not want to see this movie. It was only after seeing a blurb in Entertainment Weekly that I decided to give this movie a shot. Thanks EW! You steered me in the right direction again. (And I do realize that archery is a major metaphor in the movie. It just was not the right thing to feature in a trailer!)

There are several laugh-out-loud scenes. Ladies, if you ever wonder why your husband/boyfriend forgets things all of the time, this movie will give you the answer! Nicholas Cage is in fine comedic form, sometimes channeling his character from the little-known (but Dolf favorite) Vampire's Kiss from 1989. This is the type of comedy I would like to see from Hollywood, not crap like Bewitched and The Dukes of Hazzard!

Dolf's Grade: A-


mike basler said...

ah yes! vampire's kiss. now that's a film i haven't heard in a long time ... a long time.

Dolf said...

Hopefully this post will send thousands of people rushing to Amazon, Blockbuster, and NetFlix to get not only The Weather Man, but Vampire's Kiss as well...