Wednesday, April 05, 2006

American Idol Predictions & What to Watch

Last night's American Idol performances were much better than I had anticipated. In fact, it was one of the best country music nights that I can remember in all of Idol's five seasons.

A Kenny Rogers-like life form was on hand last night to mentor the idols. Is this what happens when old age is combined with excessive plastic surgery? Very weird... Kenny Rogers didn't look like Kenny Rogers at all. Anyway, enough about Kenny (or his alien doppelganger), lets get to the music.

Surprisingly, Taylor Hicks had the worst performance of the night. His rendition of John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" was terrible. Either Taylor picked the wrong key or the song is simply too high for his range. Nonetheless, he struggled through the entire performance, especially during the choruses. However, Taylor's fans shouldn't worry. His enormous fan base will keep him out of the bottom three, even though he deserves to be there this week.

All of the other contestants put on competent to good performances. I thought Bucky had the best performance of the night. I know some people might disagree, but at times he actually evoked a Michael Stipe-esque tone in his voice. It reminded (a little bit) of an old R.E.M. Unplugged episode on MTV.

Chris, Ace, Elliot, Kellie and Katherine had good nights with Chris being the best of those five with a technically sound (but a bit uninspired) performance. Considering this was country music night, Kellie should have done much better since this genre is right in her wheelhouse. Ace was much improved from last week as was Katherine. Elliot put in another workman-like, solid but unspectacular performance.

Paris' performance of "How Do I Live Without You" was competent. On the plus side, her hair looked great. She also didn't talk like a mouse very much last night. Paris gets points for attempting a difficult song. Unfortunately, she didn't nail it.

Mandisa's performance of "Any Man of Mine" was the second worst performance of the night. She lacked energy and simply didn't go for it. And let's face it, she is far too Rubenesque (no pun intended) to win this contest. Call it shallow. Call it a double standard, but a female with Mandisa'a generous proportions will never win American Idol. At least not any time soon...

The Bottom Three
* Elliot
* Katherine
* Mandisa

I predict Mandisa will be going home tonight. This is her second weak performance in a row. Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see Paris show up in the bottom three this week for the first time. (A second opinion)

What to Watch

The Amazing Race at 8:00pm on CBS

American Idol at 9:00pm on Fox

Lost at 9:00pm on ABC

South Park at 10:00pm on Comedy Central

* South Park takes on Family Guy tonight! This should be good. The animation wars continue! The Simpsons and Family Guy have been taking jabs at each other for a few years, its only fitting that South Park joins in...

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