Wednesday, April 12, 2006

American Idol Predictions, What to Watch & More

Last night's "The Music of Queen" on American Idol provided another mixed bag of performances, but overall, I thought the Idols did pretty well considering the high degree of difficulty.

In keeping with the Dolf Zone's "Brevity is the soul of wit" tradition, here is a quick overview of the evening.

Bucky Covington - "Fat Bottomed Girls" - Did pretty well. Successfully turned it into a country rock song. Lacked the power, screaming ability and high end acrobatics of Freddie Mercury.

Ace Young - "We Will Rock You" - I thought this was not as horrible as all of my friends, family, co-workers and AI judges thought it was.

Kellie Pickler - "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Kellie looked ridiculous - Hillbilly glam? No one other than Freddie Mercury (and maybe George Michael) should perform this song... Kellie does not deserve to sing this classic, whether or not she was good is irrelevant.

Chris Daughtry - "Innuendo" - A great performance of a song I have never heard before and will probably never hear again.

Katharine McPhee - "Who Wants to Live Forever" - Vocally impressive but very boring...

Elliott Yamin - "Somebody to Love" - Technically good but it just sounded very wrong!

Taylor Hicks - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - The clown prince returns. Another goofball performance. Elvis-impersonatorish. Cruise-shippy. Vegas-like. Bad... Simon was right when he called the performance "ridiculous".

Paris Bennett - "The Show Must Go On" - And the winner of American Idol Juniors is... Let's raise the minimum age to 18 for next year. C'mon! Paris looked like an idiot stomping around up there trying to act all grown up.

If he was still in the contest, can't you just imagine Kevin Covais doing "Another One Bites the Dust" or "We Will Rock You"? That would have been gold, Jerry, gold!

The Bottom Three

* Katherine
* Paris
* Elliott

I predict Elliott is going home, although Paris has a good shot as well. If Katherine continues to be "proficient but boring", look for her to go home before Bucky and Ace.

Paula's Gibberish of the Week

Maybe she gets millions of dollars because of (and not despite) incomprehensible comments like this. Paula was so flabbergasted at the end of Chris Daughtry's performance she could barely speak. When she finally regained her composure, she came up with this gem of a line:

And there have been more times that you have superseded even when the band performs!

What to Watch

The Amazing Race at 8:00pm on CBS

The Loop at 8:00pm on Fox

American Idol at 8:30pm on Fox (It's another unnecessary one hour results show!)

Lost at 9:00pm on ABC

South Park at 10:00pm on Comedy Central - Get ready...


Wendy said...

It is no wonder Simon asked Taylor if he was drunk... I'm sure he was smelling something...but, it was coming from the person to his right!!! Seriously, what do you think Paula really has in that Coke tumbler? I take would like to re-assign my "TRAIN WRECK" predition for last night's show (which wasn't bad) and confirm that label for Ms. Abdul.

Rob said...

Well... I'll have to say it wasn't as god awful as I thought it would be. The biggest letdown was Katharine who turned "Who Wants..." into a show tune. My wife and I both hated to admit that Kellie didn't do too bad of a job. My pick for the bottom 3 has to be... Ace/Paris/Katharine with Bucky and Elliot having a good chance of being in there as well.

Mike Basler said...

Bucky did a good job of picking a song he could do country-style. Ace kinda sucked, but it didn't help that Queen arrogantly refused to let him arrange the song. Kellie did better than I expected. Chris sang his heart out on a really lame song, when he absolutely should have done either "Hammer to Fall" or "Another One Bites the Dust." Katharine sounds kinda shrill when she goes to the top of her range, and I hate her demeanor (but damn, is she good-looking). Elliot has great chops but a bland tone. Taylor did his usual bouncy performing thing with lively vocals, but it was disappointing to me nonetheless that he didn't try something challenging. Paris is an extremely talented performer whom I can't stand.

Why, oh why, couldn't Kevin Covais have been kept on? He would have been spectacular doing "We Are the Champions"!!!!!!

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Dolf said...

Many people are saying Ace is going tonight. I am still sticking with Elliot. I have a gift. And I have always known that I am special...