Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"American Idol" Predictions & What to Watch

Last night's "Classic Love Songs" on American Idol was a 50/50 proposition for me. Three good performances, three bad performances...

Here is a quick overview of the evening instituting my new "letter grade" system.

Elliott Yamin - "A" Awesome. I didn't even know the song but I loved it. Elliot's best performance so far.

Chris Daughtry - "A-" - A very good performance. Chris should be out of the bottom three this week. He finally pulled off a perfect blend of subtle Chris and screamy Chris.

Paris Bennett - "B+" - Paris looked and sounded (her singing, not speaking) very good. However, I think she's going home.

Katharine McPhee - Performance "C", Cleavage "A+" - I am sure millions of boys and filthy old men were praying for a Janet Jackson-esque wardrobe malfunction. Unfortunately for them, it never happened. Katherine's performance was average at best. We will see if her outfit was enough to save her.

Taylor Hicks - "C-" - One of Taylor's worst performances. He sang several parts way too softly, others sounded out of tune.

Kellie Pickler - "D-" - Two horrible weeks in a row. I think Kellie will have a date after all... with the "Bottom Three"!

The Bottom Three - "Ladies Night"

* Katherine
* Kellie
* Paris

The Prediction

What to Watch

The Amazing Race at 8:00pm on CBS

Alias at 8:00pm on ABC

American Idol at 9:00pm on Fox

Lost at 9:00pm on ABC - I think this is one of the "recap" episodes.

South Park at 10:00pm on Comedy Central - Tonight's episode will hopefully be better than last week's clunker!


Wrecking Machine said...

Agree with the scores mostly.

I don't give a rat's ass about what anyone says about Katherine's singing last night; I thought it was pretty f-ing good. The only reason the judges dissed her is because of the whole Whitney Houston effect: because she [was] so 'great', anyone who does one of her songs, no matter how well, will be told they are not good enough. Which is quite interesting when they also turn around and say to 'make the song your own'.

Sure, Whitney Houston was good when she wasn't addicted to crack. But I don't think anyone in the pop music industry (since that's what Idol is supposedly supposed to be), nor Houston herself [now] could do that song as well as Katherine did it last night.

J-Nel said...

My 25 cents...

American Idol is not the same without Ace Young.

I want Pick Pickler to go home...the phoney Southern accent and dumb blonde act is getting old. Come on America!!!...Can't you see right through it???