Tuesday, April 25, 2006

American Idol Preview, What to Watch, & Internet Explorer Annoyances Revisited

Once again, I am not very excited about the genre selection on American Idol. Tonight's "classic love songs" theme once again seems like a genre that is perfect for Katherine and not so good for Taylor and Chris.

Could the Idol producers be up to something??? Many people have speculated that they try to manipulate the vote through a variety of tactics such as the amount of airtime given to a contestant, the judges' comments, and the use of heart tugging "back" stories.

Andrea "Con te partiro" Bocelli (pictured) mentors and performs this week.

What to Watch

* American Idol at 8:00pm on Fox

* House at 9:00pm on Fox

* Scrubs at 9:00pm on NBC

Internet Explorer Annoyances Revisited

Last week, I reported my displeasure with both present and future versions of Internet Explorer. Influenced by the many reader comments and suggestions, I have been using Firefox as my default browser since Monday. I love the tabs, the speed, and the Mouse Gestures (thanks Wrecking Machine). With the exception of one minor inconvenience - the inability to bookmark folder locations on my local and network drives, the Firefox experience has been great. I wonder if I will ever go back? I have been using IE since version 4 in the late 90's!

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mike basler said...

My theory is that the Idol producers want a showdown between Kellie and Katharine because they've become such good friends-- and that would make for good ratings. They know Kellie has built-in popularity, so they pick genres that will make Katharine look good and they make sure the judges praise Katharine.