Friday, April 07, 2006

Congratulations South Park, What to Watch, Idol Fallout

Congratulations to South Park for winning a prestigious Peabody award. The George Foster Peabody Awards are given annually for excellence in news and entertainment programming.

Peabody Awards Director Horace Newcomb had this to say about the polarizing cartoon from Comedy Central, "Through that process of offending it reminds us of the need for being tolerant. [South Park] pushes all the buttons, turns up the heat and shatters every taboo."

And while we are on the topic of buttons, heat and taboos, this week's episode of South Park, "Cartoon Wars", was excellent. Is there really a "Part 2" featuring an animated version of the prophet Mohammed? If so, will Comedy Central "puss out" and not air it? Will the episode cause a worldwide uproar? Or is this another Terrence & Phillip-like stunt that Matt Stone and Trey Parker have planned for us? I can't wait until next Wednesday at 10:00pm to find out!

Idol Controversy

It seems many people are upset about Mandisa getting booted off the show. "How could such a talented singer get voted off so early?", many are wondering. Some say she lost the gay vote because she admitted to admiring controversial religious figure Beth Moore, who believes gay people can be made ungay. Whatever... As I said earlier in the week, Mandisa wasn't going to win for much weightier issues than religion or sexual preference...

What to Watch

Real Time with Bill Maher at 11:00pm on HBO

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