Thursday, April 27, 2006

CUL8R Kellie! LOL! & "The Office" Returns & What to Watch

Everybody's favorite hillbilly, Kellie Pickler, was deservedly booted from American Idol last night. Some Idol conspiracy theorists claim the vote was rigged. I simply think people were getting tired of her routine. But most importantly, there is the inescapable fact that she is not a very good singer.

Anyway, CUL8R Kellie! I am sure if Kellie knew how to use a computer, she would be well versed in the use of Internet acronyms and could decipher my message. Hell, she probably uses them now without realizing it! Regardless of her talent level, American Idol will be a little less entertaining without Kellie P.

What to Watch (All New!)

Survivor at 8:00pm on CBS

C.S.I. at 9:00pm on CBS

American Inventor at 9:00pm on ABC - Again, an infuriating 61 minutes long!

The Office at 9:30pm on NBC - Hi, I am a stupid NBC programming executive and I have a great idea. Let's make our best show one minute SHORTER!

Without a Trace at 10:00pm on CBS

E.R. at 9:59pm on NBC - I am really getting sick of these irregular start times!

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