Monday, April 24, 2006

Fox, ABC to Air Reruns on Internet & What to Watch

Just missed an episode of American Idol or Lost? No problem... Both Fox and ABC have recently announced they will start airing reruns of their hit shows on the Internet for free using the same advertiser supported system that they use to broadcast over the airwaves.

ABC will be airing Desperate Housewives, Lost, Commander In Chief and Alias at during May and June as part of what it calls an "experiment." The web episodes will air the next day after the original is broadcast. Episodes will be delivered in 16X9 widescreen in the increasingly popular Flash 8 video format. While you can rewind, skip ahead, and fast forward, you cannot skip the included commercials. Still not a bad price to pay...

Unlike ABC's "experiment", Fox looks like its launching a full out assault on the Internet. It just signed a six year deal with its 187 affiliate stations that will allow it to broadcast reruns of its shows on the Internet. The deal gives the affiliates a 12.5% cut of the profits. This brings up a good question. If Internet-based delivery of TV programming takes off, why would networks even need affiliates any longer??? Local news? It would be pretty easy to do that task yourself if you have the resources of a major network.

It should be interesting to see how this turns out. I think it's a great idea. Dare I dream of a future where I will never miss an episode of my favorite shows again? I think that dream may soon be a reality ;)

What to Watch

Prison Break at 8:00pm on Fox

24 at 9:00pm on Fox

The Apprentice at 9:00pm on NBC

CSI: Miami at 10:00pm on CBS

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Completely unrelated to TV, but this headline made me laugh at how much of a 'No Shit' statement it makes:

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