Thursday, April 13, 2006

Idol Recap, What to Watch & So Much More...

My man Bucky was voted out of American Idol last night. The town of Rockingham, NC is robbed once again. America should be ashamed!

Next week's genre is the "Great American Songbook" NOT the music of Rod Stewart like many believe. Stewart will be on hand to mentor the Idols and will perform a song on Wednesday.

The "Great American Songbook" is a term that refers to the classic songs written between the 30's and 50's. Many experts consider it to represent the height of songwriting excellence. Artists from this period include Irving Berlin ("Unforgettable"), Duke Ellington ("It Don't Mean a Thing"), and Henry Mancini ("Moon River").

Out of the remaining Idols, Katharine should benefit the most from next week's genre selection. Her voice (and subdued personality) seems well suited to these types of old school songs. Ace and Paris should also fare well in finding appropriate songs for their respective styles. However, I think Chris and Taylor might have some major difficulties...

What to Watch - All New

Survivor at 8:00pm on CBS
American Inventor at 8:00pm on ABC (2 hours)
The Loop at 8:30pm on Fox
The O.C. at 9:00pm on Fox
C.S.I. at 9:00pm on CBS
Without a Trace at 10:00pm on CBS
The Showbiz Show With David Spade at 10:30pm on Comedy Central

The Sundry Shop

The Office
repeats the excellent "The Dundies" episode. If you missed it the first time, you must watch it! A classic episode.

Can Clyde bring down Kelly Pickler? He is sure trying! As are the people at


MattyP said...

The O.C.? For real?

Dolf said...

Sorry to disappoint you MattyP... But I have always been a sucker for the high school shows - 90210, Dawson's Creek, and now The O.C.

It's not must see TV, but it is regularly recorded on the secondary Tivo.

Wendy said...

"American Inventor" breaks my heart. The show is way too over the top in terms of exploiting people's's not like "its so bad, I can't look away" like a Kevin Covais performance... it genuinely is sad and makes for very uncomfortable viewing...These producers and judges should be ashamed of themselves...tsk, tsk.

Dolf said...

"These producers and judges should be ashamed of themselves...tsk, tsk."

I assume you know, or wouldn't be surprised to learn, that Simon Cowell of American Idol created the show! "Sad" and "unconfortable" makes for extremely memorable TV. I will not soon forget "Bulletball"!

MattyP said...

FYI - I have no idea what he's talking about, but Brian May from Queen sheds some light on their appearance on AI:

Wendy said...

I know simon is a producer... but, he's gone too far even for HIM. Not cool. Our poor American Idols may may just get a bad case of acne from Simon's comments. These poor people on Inventor seriously may be seriously lining up to jump off the Golden Gate's not funny. I am concerned.