Monday, April 03, 2006

It's Country Music Week on American Idol

If you asked yourself what could be worse than last week's abysmal performances on American Idol, I think I have the answer... this week's performances!

It's the dreaded country music week on Idol and its always an agonizing experience. Usually there is just one country singer, but this year Idol has two... kind of - Bucky and Kellie. Although neither of them are particularly talented, they should both do relatively well and survive this week's vote off.

As for the rest of the contestants, this week's genre will be a nightmare. Although Taylor might be able to come up with something good if he picks the right song. Hopefully he will stay serious and not do some goofy, up-tempo "novelty song". I can't wait to see what rocker Chris Daughtry comes up with. The entire production should be entertainingly awful. As always, the festivities begin on Tuesday at 8:00pm on Fox.

Kenny Rogers, of Kenny Rogers Roasters chicken fame, is the special celebrity guest. I think he might have put out an album or two a few years ago as well...

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