Friday, April 14, 2006

"Stupid Video Friday"

It's "Stupid Video Friday" at The Dolf Zone and I have three great clips this week:

Find out what Dell computers are really good for during this live QVC clip. Oh, the beauty of live TV and smart ass callers! Funny stuff! (Watch Video - 1:27)

Watch a little boy go insane for a video game at Christmas. Note, this is exactly how I will react when I someday get an HDTV and matching HD Tivo. (Watch Video - 0:43)

For the baseball fans out there... Watch the last inning of the infamous "Game 6" recreated with RBI Baseball. I hate baseball and I couldn't stop watching this! (Watch Video - 8:39)


MattyP said...

The "video" portion of the RBI baseball clip is quite boring - yet I've watched the whole thing 3 times now. It's the audio commentary combined with the fact that I still remember seeing that game live on TV that makes it so compelling.

Good Stuff.

mike basler said...

that's how i acted when i got my nintendo 64.

rob said...

that's how i acted when i got my commodore 64.