Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What to Watch, American Idol & Internet Explorer Annoyance

I am not very excited about tonight's theme on American Idol, The Great American Songbook. However, you never know what might happen. Someone could pick an obscure song and knock it out of the park. Or one of the Idols could chose a classic and truly "make it their own". This seems to be the perfect genre for Katharine McPhee. We will see...

I have not been able to find the "set list" for tonight's show. Apparently, last week's list was leaked and then picked up by USA Today much to the displeasure of Fox. I guess this week's list is being kept under lock and key.

What to Watch

* American Idol at 8:00pm on Fox

* House at 9:00pm on Fox

* Scrubs at 9:00pm on NBC

Internet Explorer Annoyance

It finally might be time to make the switch...

After installing this month's security patches from Windows Update, you might notice some odd behavior from Internet Explorer. When you run across a page that has certain kinds of content (Flash, Quick Time, Java, etc) you will get a very annoying pop-up alert box asking you to click "OK" to enable the ActiveX control. This is not being done for safety, but is the result of a lawsuit that Microsoft lost. Until web page designers implement workarounds (which could take forever) expect to see the annoying little messages for a looooooong time.

Speaking of Internet Explorer, I will make a post on my awful experience with Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 very soon.

The improved user interface is terrible! Instead of being grouped together in a single row (as has been the case throughout all web browser history!) the geniuses on the IE7 UI design team have decided to place the "forward", "back", "home" and "stop/reload" buttons in three different locations (see pic below)! I found this infuriating, user-unfriendly and simply not usable. If this beta UI makes it into the final version of IE7, I guarantee you that I will no longer be using Microsoft's browser.


Anonymous said...

You should have made the switch to Firefox a long time ago. Being able to easily get a Mouse Gestures extension makes it worth the switch alone.

As for the ActiveX lawsuit debacle, I'm under the notion that if people had programmed according to Net standards in the first place (Microsoft included,) this would not be a current issue. Also, if it weren't possible to patent ridiculously broad patents for software this wouldn't be a problem either.

As for "Great American Songbook", it really means "songs you may have heard in an old musical". The lack of the great Frank Sinatra in that list means the list is full of crap. It could just be that the list is incomplete, and Frank's stuff is considered "Great American", but that is probably not the case based on some of the other junk on there.

The Wrecking Machine

MattyP said...

Firefox rules - tabbed browsing alone makes it worth switching.

Dolf said...

I had a feeling this post would bring out the FireFox supporters!

Microsoft is now touting this beta as "layout complete" which I assume means that the terrible UI is here to stay. If that's the case, I'll be going!

Rob said...

I had also upgraded to the IE7 beta and could not believe how bad the UI was. It's downright atrocious. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

mike basler said...

i see you listed house as a show to watch. does this mean you've finally started watching it? if so, i deserve credit!!!!!!!!

Wrecking Machine said...

Haven't used IE7, but based on the picture, its UI looks like they 'XP-ed' it. Which is never a good thing.

Scott Tabar said...

Hey Dolf... you forgot the obvious with IE and its popup messages... It even pops up a warning about JavaScript! So any page with JavaScript is automatically disabled. Which means that the user MUST click on the popup to acknowledge the annoyance. Then they must right-click on the little warning message at the top of the page to enable JavaScript. So I count that IE is holding most pages hostage for a two click ransom!

How much time is going to be lost in corporate America alone by forcing the user to move the mouse to the center of the screen to close a popup, then back to the top to enable JavaScript! Common MS! It is bad enough that many employees surf the net while on the clock, now you are adding to the wasted time with the two click ransom!

I wonder if the feds will be able to detect a level of productivity drop during the next few quarterly reports on the economy. Would be a hoot if they name MS for a few points worth of the drop!

I even found this behavior in the latest update to IE v6.0whatEver.01291.2398.231!

As far as the ill placed icons in the tool bars, I think I remember hearing something about that being an improvement over their first attempt which resulted in the icons randomly swapping places upon mouse hover and mouse down events! Hmm… now where did I remember hearing that, or did I??? ;-)

Dolf said...

Hey Scott... It's been so looong since I've used IE I don't care anymore! ;) Actually I end up using it about once a week or so. I am totally into FireFox now.

The speed, the tabs, the extensions like Mouse Gestures and CustomizeGoogle, and the security make it far more appealing than IE and the upcoming IE7 with its "new and improved" UI!