Monday, May 15, 2006

ABC's Awesome Streaming Video Site

Between now and June 30th, you can watch complete episodes of Lost, Alias, Desperate Housewives and lame duck Commander in Chief on ABC's excellent streaming video "test" site completely free of charge.

The video quality is excellent courtesy of the increasingly popular Macromedia Flash Video format. Additionally, the interface is very cool and easy to use. I hope ABC decides to make the service a permanent fixture of as they have devised a far superior system to CBS's innertube, which features only clips and companion pieces and not full length episodes.

Additionally, CBS's innertube uses Windows Media player and the abysmal Real Video player. Why CBS hitched their wagon to Real is beyond me. No self respecting computer user that I know has installed the bloated Real Player since the mid 90s.

Visit ABC's Internet Video Site Now

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guh-bard said...

Now how will you ever get anything done at work?