Thursday, May 25, 2006

American Idol Finale Recap 5/25

Last night's American Idol spectacle presented little drama. After Tuesday night's performances, everyone knew Taylor was going to win. In fact, Taylor's margin of victory was so great that the vote percentages weren't even revealed.

It will be interesting to see what the AI machine can do with Hicks. We'll see if his quirky personality and Cockeresque voice can translate into big CD sales. Message to Mary J. Blige... Quit butchering "One"! Can't you sing a different song?

I normally do not accept guest contributors. But I thought I would give a voice to a coworker of mine, GW... Welcome to the big time, GW. I hope it doesn't change you...

Just finished watching Idol. Couple random thoughts:

1) Biggest disappointment: No Dolf comments blogged yet. Was hoping for immediate reaction after watching.

2) Thank God for Tivo. Watched that show in under 1 hour, by skipping commercials, Idol "awards", and awkward duets. I'm both a Live fan and a Daughtry fan, but seeing two front men like that just looks and feels weird. Meatloaf was scary. Mary J Blidge and Elloitt was painful to watch. (and I love that song).

3) Best part of the night by far: a) Carrie Underwood. No one in this season can hold a candle to her - and she's smokin hot. B) Clay Aiken appearance. Not only has he outsold Rueben, Taylor won't even come close to him.

4) Thank god I can have my Tuesday nights back now.


Wrecking Machine said...

I thought Dionne Warwick butchering some songs was pretty funny. And the Brokenote Mountain clip.

Other than that, it is unfortunate that Taylor won. Apparently people in the South likes der pardners.

J-Nel said...

2 words...

Ace Young

How hot was he last night????

guh-bard said...

Just got around to watching the whole final show on Tivo.

I thought the most pathetic moment was Toni Braxton, who got by on nothing but looks before Britney was out of a traning bra. Was it just me.. or did she unsuccessfully attempt to get Taylor to "grind" on her while singing "In The Ghetto" ?

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who noticed this.