Tuesday, May 23, 2006

American Idol Finale Song List 5/23

Here is the set list for tonight's big American Idol finale:

"Levon" (Elton John)
"Living For the City" (Stevie Wonder)
"Do I Make You Proud" (Taylor's first single if he wins)

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (Judy Garland)
"Black Horse and Cherry Tree" (KT Tunstall)
"My Destiny" (Katharine's first single if she wins)

I am quite surprised by Taylor's song choices. These are not the kind of songs that win competitions.

To make matters worse (for Taylor fans), Katharine picked her two "floor routine" performances, which were probably her two best vocal outings. Taylor could be in trouble. I hope he can pull off the victory.


Nelly-J said...

I agree, Big D, Taylor could be in trouble based on his song selections. I'm a little nervous for Taylor this evening.

Why the floor routines??? I feel like she's putting on a PG-Rated burlesque show...I'm slightly uncomfortable.

Michel said...

at least the producers aren't trying to shoehorn both singers into the same first single. their styles are too different to allow them to sing the same song well.
it would have been even worse if the final had come down to, say, chris and katharine.

donald rumsfeld said...

i like almonds.

condoleeza rice said...

i prefer italian sausage.

Anonymous said...

I tuned in last night because I wanted to see what all the hub-bub was about. And just as I suspected, I haven't been missing much. I ended up watching a joint Kenny Rogers / Kathy Lee Gifford concert!