Monday, May 01, 2006

Napster Unveils Free Service

A huge announcement from Napster. You can now listen to any of Napster's 2 million + songs for free over the Internet. The main stipulation is that you can only listen to a particular song a maximum of five times. Still a great deal!

Also very cool are NapsterLinks which allows users to easily share music via a static URL. This feature will make it very easy for bloggers and web site operators to link to complete songs instead of the usual 30 second clips. For example, my current favorite song is "Steady, As She Goes" by The Raconteurs. You can listen to the entire song by clicking here. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Check out Napster's free service and register!


Anonymous said...

I tried the free link and it sounds terrible! I don't know if their service is broken or if they just stream really low-quality songs. I'm gonna stick with Rhapsody. They have free streams that sound good.

Dolf said...

Just curious because I am lazy...

Does Rhapsody let you listen to their entire catalog for free?

Also, do they have something similar to NapsterLinks which makes it easy to link to an entire song?

MattyP said...

Rhapasody has the "Rhapsody 25" program: 25 free song plays per month free. I imagine that includes their entire catalog.

Rhapsody have the ability to send playlists by email - although it's probably not as elegant as NapsterLinks.

I've been a Rhapsody unlimited subscriber for a few years now and love it. $25 every 3 months for access to their enitre catalog is a great deal.

BTW, would work nicely with the free Napster offer.

rob said...

I gotta second mattyp's comment... Rhapsody is da bomb... best $10/mth you can spend if you sit at a computer all day and enjoy listening to tunes.