Friday, May 19, 2006

Stupid Video Friday - The DDR Guy

Just click and watch. No explanation needed... Have a lovely weekend. theD

Update: For those of you who must have a logical and rational analysis of everything, here is the comedic formula that explains the success of this clip:

Dancing + Obesity = Funny


Wrecking Machine said...

That makes me laugh for 2 reasons.

1) I'm an avid DDR player. I actually won a tournament in college. Lame-o-meter just went up for me.

2) One of my college friends is a 5'4" , 250 lb guy of Chinese decent. He liked to play DDR, too. Somewhere, we have video of him playing one of the fastest songs in the game...shirtless. Disgustingly hilarious. If I can find someone with that video, I'll post it somewhere for you.

guh-bard said...

(cue Angus Young...) "The Dude's Got Rhythmn...."