Thursday, June 15, 2006

American Idol Payday

According to TV Guide, The American Idol contestants each receive $1,000 per show while on tour. Is it me, or does this seem incredibly cheap considering how much money Fox and the AI producers have made from this show?

I am always interested to see how much money people make on reality shows. According to my underground sources, here are the complete payouts on The Amazing Race and Survivor. That's one hell of a drop from first to second on The Amazing Race! Survivor is a bit more generous.

Amazing Race

1 $1,000,000
2 $25,000
3 $10,000
4 $7,000
5 $6,000
6 $5,000
7 $4,000
8 $3,500
9 $3,000
10 $2,500
11 $1,500


Winner -- $1,000,000
Runner-up -- $100,000
14 -- $85,000
13 -- $70,000
12 -- $60,000
11 -- $50,000
10 -- $40,000
9 -- $30,000
8 -- $20,000
7 -- $15,000
6 -- $12,000
5 -- $10,000
4 -- $8,000
3 -- $6,000
2 -- $4,000
1 -- $2,000


Martina Navratilova-Basler said...

The idols didn't have to enter the competition if they didn't want to. They signed contracts because they wanted to be famous. Frankly, I bet they get paid as well as, say, a backup singer for a band on tour. (I'm assuming they get their meals and beds paid for in addition to their salary.) It probably ends up being way more than they would have gotten at their jobs back home. Plus they get an awesome experience playing for huge crowds in concert arenas.

This reminds me, Dolf, of your take on the gas prices. The customers/contestants have choices. No one was gonna give the Idol producers their money back if the show had been a flop. So since it's a success, I don't see why you should complain about how they choose to distribute their gains.

You probably think that TJ should have to pay you and me some of the money from his daycare centers, since they're doing well. He should pay a "windfall tax" to us!!! He owes us!!!

eva braun-basler said...

you should have a survey where people can suggest their favorite shows that you are ignoring. like battlestar!!!!!

Dolf said...

Martina, I think all that cholesterol-clogging vegan food is eroding your logic skills. Terrible arguments. Faulty logic all around. I win...