Sunday, June 25, 2006

Andre Agassi To Retire

Andre Agassi made the not-so-surprising announcement that he will be retiring after the U.S. Open in August. Agassi has long been my favorite tennis player. From the flashy "Image is Everything" Andre to the no-frills, bald assassin, I have been riding the A-Train.

I took this photo at the 2001 Western & Southern Masters in Cincinnati. I think Andre lost in the first round that year! I have always loved this pic because if you look at the crowd almost no one is looking at Agassi. An interesting snapshot that quite accurately reflects the solitary nature of tennis. And oh yeah, Andre please come to Cincinnati one last time! You dissed us last year!

Agassi is in England ready to make one last run at a Wimbledon title. Unfortunately, he (nor anyone else) has much of a chance of beating Roger Federer on grass. The only scenario that I could see Federer losing is if someone hits 50-60 aces past him. And that's not likely to happen. Although Mark Philippoussis did get a wild card this year...


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