Monday, June 05, 2006

The Summertime TV Blues

It's a bittersweet time at The Dolf Zone... Summer is here with its sunny skies, bikini clad girls and long periods of prosacesque daylight. However, this also sadly means that the official TV season is over. But you don't have to kill yourself just yet! Summertime viewing is much better than it used to be. In the coming days, I will let you know what to watch during these trying TV times.

Tonight there are still 3 hours of first run goodness on NBC. The 90 minute finales of Deal or No Deal (My two year old son's favorite new show) and The Apprentice begin at 8:00pm and 9:30pm respectively. Don't miss them! Also, you can check out The French Open over on ESPN 2.

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MattyP said...

I just started watching "Rescue Me" on FX which just started it's 3rd season. Very good stuff.

Also, CBS is resurrecting "Rockstar" this summer (July, I think). If it's anything like last year, it will blow away AI.