Saturday, June 24, 2006

Taylor Hicks Tops Billboard Charts

Taylor Hicks' first single "Do I Make You Proud" shot to the top of the Billboard charts on sales of 190,000 copies. The strong performance of this single should silence many critics who thought Hicks would prove to be a marketing nightmare. Hicks' first week performance falls into the middle of the pack of past AI contestants. However, his 190,000 copies soundly beats AI's last two winners - Carrie Underwood and Fantasia.

Clay Aiken - "This Is The Night" (393,000 copies)
Ruben Studdard - "Flying Without Wings" (286,000 copies)
Kelly Clarkson - "A Moment Like This" (263,000 copies)
Fantasia - "I Believe" - (142,000 copies)
Carrie Underwood - "Inside Your Heaven" - (130,000 copies)

I am not a big fan of "Proud". It's another overblown AI spectacle. Hopefully, Taylor can release some more stripped-down, acoustic numbers that can better showcase his voice. I would like to see what Taylor comes up with himself (provided he is allowed to!), not the AI drivel machine.

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