Sunday, June 18, 2006

What to Watch on Sunday

HBO has got a pretty solid Sunday night lineup of comedy.

I am finally getting around to watching Entourage. I'll have to DVD the first and second season. I am sure I can catch up without much of a problem ;) Last week's season premiere, "Aquamom", was pretty funny. I believe the term was "top tall"... (10:00pm)

Lucky Louie is an odd little show, but I liked it. For reasons either intentional or economical, the show has production values from 1970's. However, that doesn't detract from the show. Louie stars writer/comedian Louis C.K. in the title role. Louis C.K. has been doing stand-up for a long time and has also written for Conan O'Brien. C.K.'s dreary take on marriage and family has some good comedic potential. (10:30pm)

And finally there's Dane Cook's Tourgasm. Honestly, I had barely heard of Dane Cook before this show. Apparently Cook is huge with "the kids". You know... the MySpace/Facebook using crowd. Nonetheless, this comedy "reality" show is a thousand times better than the awful Last Comic Standing on NBC. After seeing the politically correct (and comically devoid) choices of the "top comedians" last week, I almost threw a remote through my TV. Give me a break, NBC! Tourgasm follows comedians Cook, Gary Gulman , Robert Kelly, and Jay Davis as they do a tour of 20 college campuses in 30 days. Last week's premiere was solid, and I definitely see the potential for more good stuff. (11:00pm)


Wrecking Machine said...

If you haven't checked out any Dane Cook standup comedy, you should. He's hysterical. Although, I'm just a 'kid', so your mileage may vary.

Dolf said...

Thanks for the DC review. I am sure the networks are already cooking up a sitcom for him with designs on that super coveted 18-24 demo! Which, btw, you will soon *not* be a part of.

I will let you know if I find him equally "hysterical"...