Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lady in the Water | M. Night Shyamalan Report Card

Dolf's Report Card of the last five M. Night Shyamalan movies...

The Sixth Sense: A

Unbreakable: A-

Signs: B

The Village: C

Lady in the Water: F

Night, I love you buddy, but Lady is not good. In fact, I am considering putting it on my "Dolf's Worst Movies Ever" list. Enough of these sissy fairies & nymphs! Get back to what works, Bruce Willis and ghosts!


Jeff Hunsaker said...

Porque? (I haven't seen Lady). And a "C" for The Village? Ok, the "monsters" were kooky but I liked the message of, "an altruistic, utopian, isolated community is a neat idea but all the money in the world can't escape one from reality/change/yourself".

Wrecking Machine said...

The Village was not as terrible as everyone made it out to be.

Unbreakable was not as good as everyone made it out to be. In fact, the whole movie could have been done within 10 seconds and not lost any of the 'suspense'.

Dolf said...

Yo WM... It's been my experience that most people (and critics) did not like Unbreakable. I have always thought I was in the minority in being a fan of that movie.