Thursday, July 20, 2006

Repeats Get Lost

Responding to criticism about Lost's endless repeats, ABC is pulling a Prison Break and letting the show take a 13 week intermission next year.

Lost will air a few times at the begininning of the season and then another show will take over its time slot. Lost will then return and air uninterrupted for the rest of season. Smart move, ABC. It's about time you listened to the fans!


guh-bard said...

Smart move ? Come on Dolf. You should be old enough to remember the days when, from September to April, every primetime show, every week, with the exception of the two weeks around Christmas and New Years, was a new episode!

Now, networks act as if they are doing you a privilege when they air a new episode. And they wonder why they lose so many viewers to cable.

Dolf said...

Are you sure??? I just went to Amazon and looked at a couple "All in the Family" DVD's and the episode count was 24 per season. Just two more than today's typical 22 episode season. Of course the networks try to go deep into May now! I guess they either need to shorten the season or increase the episodes!