Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wimbledon Final - Federer Vs Nadal!

Most tennis fans and experts alike thought a Federer/Nadal final was impossible. There was no way Nadal, a clay court expert, could make it all of the way to the finals of Wimbledon with its fast grass courts.

Thanks to Nadal's inspired playing, his improved serving, and most importantly the new (and improved?) slowed down courts, the dream match-up is now a reality.

Apparently, Wimbledon has seen fit to make its courts a bit slower this year. In reality, the conditions are so heavy it has become Roland Garros Part II! I see these changes as the official death of serve & volley tennis. I think this is quite sad. The best matches in Wimbledon history are the classic serve volleyers vs. the grinding baseliners - McEnroe vs. Borg, Sampras vs Agassi, and Rafter vs. Agassi to name but a few.

My prediction? Call me crazy but I say Nadal in five sets. A Wimbledon classic! Watch it Sunday at 9:00am on NBC.


Dr. Beverly Crusher-Basler said...

you are the nostradamus of tennis, dear dolf!!


Wrecking Machine said...

Well, since you apparently skipped Stupid Video Friday, I present you with a few.

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