Monday, July 17, 2006

Worst Comedians of All Time?

Maxim magazine recently released its list of the twelve worst comedians of all time. I agree with most of the picks on this female-heavy list. However, I have always had a special place in my heart for Yakov Smirnoff. Because in Russia, hamburger EAT you!!!!

1. Sinbad
2. Margaret Cho
3. Whoopi Goldberg
4. Yakov Smirnoff
5. Louie Anderson
6. Sandra Bernhard
7. Paula Poundstone
8. Gallagher
9. Kathy Griffin
10. Judy Tenuta
11. Christopher Titus
12. Carlos Mencia

While I am on the topic of comedians, do yourself a favor and check out Louie C.K.'s performance on HBO's One Night Stand. C.K.'s 30 minute set had me laughing from beginning to end. Please note, if you are not married and do not have kids, some of his bits might be lost on you. But don't worry... There is plenty of solid material.

C.K. also currently stars in HBO's Lucky Louie, which has been one of my favorite shows this summer. Lucky Louie airs on Sundays at 10:30pm.

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Anonymous said...

The list should be all women! There are only a handful of decent women comics. Maybe 4-5 in history.