Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Do The Shuffle!

If you are a Windows user and work with multiple open applications then you will love Taskbar Shuffle 1.5. This free utility lets you rearrange the order of your open applications on the taskbar.

If you are like me (and you should be), you open your programs in a particular order everyday. I open Outlook, then FireFox, then Word, then whatever.

Unfortunately, on an almost daily basis, one of these apps eventually crashes and screws up my carefully crafted order! Taskbar Shuffle lets you quickly and easily reestablish order in an insane world. Download it now!


Anonymous said...

This thing is awesome! Thanks

Abdul Mohammed Basler Mohammed Abdullah said...

yeah, but what if this program crashes?

Wrecking Machine said...

"yeah, but what if this program crashes?"

While, like a Staples Easy Button, it may potentially tear a hole in the space-time fabric, ending all existence as we know it, you'll probably just have to restart it. Much like any other Windows application.