Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stupid Video Wednesday (Special Edition): Hater Jesus

Finally a there's a good music video controversy brewing... I can't even remember the last one, Madonna's "Like a Prayer"? Anyway, many people are upset by Everclear's new "Hater" video which depicts Jesus as a cigarette smoking, porno-loving, violent, Kevin Federline-talking jerk.

Check out Everclear's "Hater" video on iFilm. Watch it now! Not work safe! A definite "R" rated affair.

From iFilm:

Everclear: Hater (2006)
Everclear dedicates this brand new music video to "Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and all others who hate in the name of Jesus." 4 min 44 sec

For more on the controversy, visit Hater Jesus on MySpace:

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Anonymous said...

funny... i love everclear. who's the actor?