Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What the *Hell* is Wrong with Dell?

Yet another Dell laptop-related recall... This time for faulty batteries and their ability to catch on fire. To find out if you are affected, go to Dell's Battery Recall Program and follow the directions.

"I see Dell commercials half a dozen times a night, saying 'What can we build for you today?' And I say, 'Grandpa's truck.' "

-- Thomas Forqueran, whose 1966 Ford F-250, passed down from his father, was lost to one of Dell's incendiary Inspiron laptops


guh-bard said...

"What the *Hell* is Wrong with Dell?"


Wrecking Machine said...

Well, first there was the Dell "dude".

Then, their intern commercials featuring individuals who had no right to be interning for any business.

Then, their decision to continue NOT supplying AMD CPU based computers.

Now, firey laptops.

Seriously, though: Thomas Forqueran, you were about due for a new truck, I'd say, sentimental value or not.

Dolf said...

They are saying this could be the biggest and costliest recall in consumer electronics history. Most believe Sony will have to foot the entire bill!

Wrecking Machine said...

Dell may not read Slashdot, but they read Dolf Zone