Friday, September 08, 2006

Family Guy, The Simpsons, and American Dad Premieres

Don't forget! One of the best blocks of comedy premieres this Sunday on Fox.

The Simpsons at 8:00pm
American Dad at 8:30pm
Family Guy at 9:00pm

Tivo Warning: There is football on Fox so make sure to add extra time to your recordings.


Wrecking Machine said...

I find War at Home to be pretty entertaining, as well. That would be 9:30 pm.

Speaking of television premieres, the people at ABC seem pretty ballsy to be putting Grey's Anatomy up against CSI. Not only are they putting it on the same night and time, they are having the series premiere on the same date.

Dolf said...

The Grey's Anatomy move is actually pretty smart. I think CSI probably skews older than Anatomy.

Thursday is the most valuable night on TV. Even if Anatomy loses some overall numbers, they will still be making more $$$ in advertising.