Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Dell Battery


Ralph Nader-Basler said...

My guess is Dolf couldn't figure out the one-versus-eye issue in the serial number-- never mind the fact that a one is listed lower down with a tick mark at the top, thereby making the character in question an obvious eye.

I bet Dolf had trouble figuring out the Florida ballot in the 2000 elections, too.

Dolf said...

Ha ha...

Maybe, maybe not.

However, I had no problem reading your death defying cholesterol count of 315. That's a three (3) one (1) five (5)...

Wrecking Machine said...

Yeah, that serial is pretty easy, Dolf. I agree with Basler for the using of references in uncertain situations.

Also, I have some other useful comparison notes for any poor fool who gets to this site while searching for recalled batteries:

1) The type face in the textboxes for Dell's site matches the type face on their stickers. If, after typing, your serial doesn't look the same, you typed it wrong.

2) 0, 1 and 5 are numbers. O, I, and S are letters. Kindergartners know the difference. You should too.

Dolf said...

Whether or not it is easy to read is not the point, Dell said it itself, "Common errors include"!

All I have to say is I don't want some half awake pilot deciding to betweeen Runway A05 or AO5!

I stand by decision to have all alphanumeric serial numbers banned!

BTW, do all of those people out there pray to "Jesus" or "Jesu5"? ($1 dollar for the reference)

Wrecking Machine said...

That would be Dog Bites Man.

Wrecking Machine said...

Also, Dell said "Common errors include..." because they have realized that 95% of people in the world are really:
a) dumb
b) unobservant
c) lazy
d) any combination thereof.

They have to put this on the page as a 'disclaimer' so someone can't come back later and sue because they, not Dell, screwed up this time. It's like the disclaimer in the Dreamcast manual on the page with the modem information that tells the user that plugging a modem into the wall will leave a phone cord dangling about that someone may trip on. No. Fucking. Shit. But God forbid someone trips on a phone cord and this 'disclaimer' isn't in the book; Litigation City, here we come!

The fact that your post mentioned suing over alpha-numeric serials proves my point that people will sue over anything that isn't explicitly stated by a company. Even if it is painfully obvious to someone with half a brain.

Dolf said...

I am definitely "C", slightly "B", but never "A"!

Gwynneth Paltrow-Basler said...

Dear Dolf,
I've always thought of you as being Type "A"!
All the Love in the World,

Dolf said...

May an alphanumeric-related scourge befall you both!!!!

Wrecking Machine said...

Hey, if this alpha-numeric illegibility issue is that strong, why are license plates still fully alpha-numeric? Seems like cops would be all up in arms if they couldn't read license plates correctly.