Friday, September 08, 2006

Series3 HD Tivo to be $799

The standalone Series3 HD Tivo is rumored to have an MSRP of $799. The info was accidentally leaked by Popular Mechanics. Additional rumors have the release date set at September 17th.

Tivo is supposedly going to offer a limited time "deal" that will allow you to transfer a lifetime subscription from your Series1 or 2 to the new Series3. Unfortunately, there is a $199 charge to do this. The Series3 must be purchased by December 31, 2006 and lifetime transfer by January 31, 2007.


The Bard said...

Hmmm.. let's see, pay my cable co. $7/mth for a dual tuner HD DVR which integrates quite nicely with their program guide or pay Tivo $800 plus $12/mth for one with it's own guide and sluggish channel changing ? Am I missing something ?

Though I'm still a Tivo owner, it's only because they lowered my subscription fee to $6/mth when I called to cancel.

Dolf said...

bard, you are right. the pricing is definitely quite steep. dare I say onerous!

the bard said...

Good article on the Series3 here.

The use of CableCards makes it's more interesting but still hard to swallow at $799.