Friday, September 15, 2006

St. Xavier High School | 295, 295, 295, 270 and 280

My old high school, St. Xavier, is in the news quite a bit lately due to the success of its football team. Actually, St. X is now getting some national attention and has made the big time - HBO!

HBO's Real Sports will be doing a segment that will include a discussion of the immense size of the St X. offensive line - 295lbs, 295lbs, 295lbs, 270lbs, and 280lbs. When I saw these weights my jaw dropped. I can not believe high school kids weigh this much.

"They were asking about steroids, and how much do I push them to eat," St. Xavier coach Steve Specht said. "I think that's the angle they were looking for, but I told them no, our kids just love to eat."


The segment is scheduled to air September 19th. It is not known how much St. X footage will be shown during the 12 minute story.


Wrecking Machine said...

After all the poor offensive line play of week 1 in the NFL, many sports analysts seem to believe that the rush for bigger and bigger OL will soon become obsolete as defenses are tending to become lighter and faster. I tend to agree that strong and fast beats strong and big.

In essense, if this trend of light and faster defenses continues, and offensive lines adapt in the NFL, these boys are effectively making themselves worthless for potential professional careers.

However, these guys are also at what I would say is near-perfect height and weight for OL, even in the NFL. As long as they are not carrying a ton of extra fat, and don't do the traditional "gain weight from high school to college to NFL", they may be in perfect condition to hit it big in the NFL.

Vicente Fox-Basler said...

Dolf, did you realize that the coach is one of our classmates?

Dolf said...

Machine, is there any topic you don't know something about??? Did anyone capture any video of you doing DDR?

Out, D

Dolf said...

Vicente, I did realize it. Didn't you guys hang out all of the time???

Wrecking Machine said...

I know a lot of useless information, such as how to play DDR.

I don't think anyone got any video, but if they did, they'd have footage of me going strong for the first song, then beginning to die halfway through the second song as my out-of-shape body decided enough was enough.