Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tivo Offers Fantasy Football Service

Thank God I am not into fantasy football or I would never leave the couch!

However, I thought some of my faithful readers would be very interested in this development... The free service is tied into CBS SportsLine leagues and is set to be released today.
Instead of having to get on the Internet with a computer, users will be able to manage their football teams, check up-to-the-minute statistics and scores or watch highlights, all with their TiVo remote control. They'll also have access to team-related breaking news and CBS SportsLine videos, including pre-game analysis, player interviews and special fantasy football content.



gw said...

This is the coolest thing ever. The only bad thing is, I never watch the football thru Tivo because it's not in HD. Still cool.

gw said...

I thought I'd give an update on this after watching last night's game. Tivo service (as expected) was very cool, and easy to use. I'm in 2 leagues on CBS, and it seamlessly handled them. Had some issues though: Was relatively slow moving from screen to screen, and the player points weren't updating real-time like they do on the website. I was having trouble accessing the website last night too, so maybe it wasn't their fault. I give it a B for right now. They fix the glitches, and it's a solid 'A'.