Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fat Chicago Taxes Tennis!

A Dolf Zone "Government Stupidity Award" goes to Chicago! Chicago, rated the fattest city in America by Men's Fitness magazine, has just slapped an 8% "amusement tax" on those playing indoor tennis.

This is ridiculous. How about an 8% fast food tax? In a time of ever expanding waistlines and record high obesity levels, the government should do everything possible to encourage physical activity. This is an example of government stupidity at its worst.

See the 25 fittest and fattest cities for 2006 according to Men's Fitness.


Wrecking Machine said...

Looks like Cincinnati dodged a fat bullet; both Cleveland and Columbus are on that list.

Having lived in Chicago for a good 5 years or so, let me point out a couple things to you about this 'great' city.

1) They are all still obsessed with the 1985 Bears. And 2 decades worth of pent up frustration over the 1986 - 2005 Bears is going to make them all go apeshit crazy if this year's Bears keep it up.

2) They say their 'A's wrong.

3) Traffic blows. And it's because they take 2 3-lane highways and combine them to form 1 4-lane highway ALL OVER THE PLACE. I'm no mathematician, but it doesn't take a genius to understand that 4 < 6, and 4 lanes can't handle the traffic of 6 without serious issues.

4) They are ultra-liberal. Birthplace of unions. Democrats to the core, even when all their elected officials turn out to be corrupt. Always trying to help the needy, yet somehow always turning a blind eye to the projects on the south side (or just tearing them down.) Everyone is equal in everything all the time, and all that hippy, bleeding heart liberal bullshit. Thus, taxing a recreational activity (probably under the guise of 'helping' the fatties) is perfectly cool, because those fat people can't help that they're fat, and the fit people should do their part to help.

Dolf said...

Machine, without a doubt, you receive the award for longest comment ever posted to the Dolf Zone. Congratulations. I wonder if my sister and brother-in-law agree with your assessment of their city!

MattyP said...

I'm not fat.

Wrecking Machine said...

Didn't I hold the last record too?

Wrecking Machine said...

Apparently this is why gas costs so damn much in Chicago!

The ironic part to this article is all the fatties I see driving compact, fuel efficient cars like Metros and Festivas.