Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Get a Life Now!

There is only one TV series that I truly wish to own on DVD and it's Chris Elliott's Get a Life! Unfortunately, Get a Life is the only series out of seemingly thousands that is not available in its entirety on DVD. If it is ever released, I will buy it the very first day.

In several interviews, Elliott has blamed the "suits at Sony" for not releasing a Get a Life complete DVD set. C'mon Sony. You need something to raise that sagging stock price! Release the complete Get a Life now! I am certain it would be a hit.


Guh Bard said...

First I find out you're a U2 fan, and now Chris Elliot ? Come on Dolf.. this guy is on his way to stealing the Jumping The Shark title from Ted McGinley.

Dolf said...

I have no idea what that means... But, I stand solidly behind my picks! Especially "Get a Life". "Get a Life" had a huge influence on my sense of humor.