Thursday, October 19, 2006

Great News For Firefox, IE7 Released Today!

It is estimated that the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox browser has as much as a 12.5% share of the browser market. I predict that percentage will rise precipitously when people get a taste of Microsoft's awful IE7 which was released today.

The "redesigned, streamlined" user interface is terrible! Instead of grouping critical buttons together, the geniuses on the IE7 UI design team have decided to place the "Forward", "Back", "Home" and "Stop/Reload" buttons in three different locations! [See pic below.] I found this improvement to be infuriating, user-unfriendly and simply not usable. After all of these years, they are going to change all of the buttons around? What arrogance! And what stupidity.

Where is Microsoft getting their UI designers? Windows Live Messenger is another complete UI disaster. There never seems to be a button for what I want to do! And those icons that litter the interface are awful! They look like they came from one of those 100,000 image clip art CDs from the mid 90s. I guess all of the good people are working on the XBox 360.

Anyway... After years of using Internet Explorer, I switched to Firefox a few months ago and have not looked back. Mozilla is readying Firefox 2.0 and I am confident they will not make the same mistakes that Microsoft did with IE7.

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