Friday, October 06, 2006

"Hot Dozen" Toys for Christmas 2006

Toy Wishes magazine announced its "Hot Dozen" list for Christmas 2006. Parents, start your engines. Here's the list in alphabetical order:

Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses (Mattel; 3 and up; dolls, $24.99; horse and carriage, $32.99). Barbie stars in her most glamorous, dance-filled role to date as Princess Genevieve, the seventh of 12 sisters in a magical world.

Bratz Forever Diamondz (MGA Entertainment; 6 and up; $29.99). The Bratz collection expands with Jade, Chloe, Sharidan, Yasmin and Sasha. Each doll comes with a real diamond pendant that girls can wear themselves.

Butterscotch My FurReal Friends Pony (Hasbro; 4 and up; $299.99). Animatronic technology allows Butterscotch to "come to life" with realistic movements and sounds. When a child climbs on, the pony responds with clip-clop walking sounds.

Digi Makeover (Radica; 8 and up; $59.99). Lets kids give themselves a no-risk, high-fun makeover right on the TV. Just plug it in, snap a picture, and you're ready to experiment with hairstyles, makeup and accessories.

Fly Wheels XPV (JAKKS Pacific; 8 and up; $59.99). Breakthrough engineering allows this lightweight vehicle to actually fly with ease and fluid control. Take off and land from any hard surface and soar more than 20 stories in the air.

Kid Tough Digital Camera (Fisher-Price; 3 and up; $69.99). A digital camera designed just for little kids that features dual handgrips, binocular viewfinder and sturdy, "kid tough" construction. A built-in 1.3-inch LCD screen holds up to 60 pictures.

Lego MindStorms NXT (Lego; 10 and up; $249.99). The centerpiece of this "robotics toolset" is the NXT brick -- a "brain" that can employ motors, ports and even Bluetooth technology to make some pretty advanced robots.

Magtastik (Mega Brands; 3 and up; starter set, $29.99; individual sets, $5.99 and up). Big, plastic, brightly colored magnetic pieces are designed for even small hands to inspire creative building.

Monopoly Here & Now (Hasbro; 8 and up; $29.99). Buy and sell at today's prices and move playing pieces that are iconic structures. Properties include Times Square, Rodeo Drive and other landmarks, and all the old railroads are airports.

Speed Stacks StackPack (Play Along; 4 and up; $39.99). Speed stacking -- a sport that challenges kids to stack and restack specially designed cups in precise formations -- is in use at more than 10,000 schools. Now the excitement comes home with a set of official cups, StackMat, timer and instructional DVD.

T.M.X. Elmo (Fisher-Price; 18 months and up; $39.99). The 10th Anniversary Tickle Me Elmo takes laughter to the extreme. Three tickle spots trigger rounds of infectious laughter and movement.

Wii (Nintendo; 6 and up; $250). A new video-gaming experience that features a two-handed controller that gives more physical, intuitive, wireless control than ever before.


The Bard said...

I'm still holding out for Bag of Glass from Mainway Novelties.

Dolf said...

You and your classic SNL refs!!!!!