Sunday, October 29, 2006

What the Hell is Wrong With Duke Energy!

If you live in Milford, OH (or any area in Cincinnati) and are experiencing nearly daily power outages, please start complaining to anyone who will listen!

The last time I checked I didn't live in California! What the hell is wrong with Duke Energy? Never in my 38 years have I recalled such terrible provision of power!

Over the past 5 years, the service in Milford has always been poor but the last two weeks have been ridiculously bad. I have reset clocks in my house at least ten times over the last 14 days!

I can feel the pain of my electronic devices as they slowly die from the jerks and jolts of Duke's sub par service.

If this pathetic level of service continues, Duke Energy should provide all of its Milford area customers with UPS devices, or better yet a backup generator for their entire house.

To complain, call Duke Energy at 513-421-9500, option #4, option #0 and ask for an "investigative report" for your area.


Sheila said...

I live in the area and my power goes out all of the time. It is terrible. I will call the number. Thanks.

Dolf said...

8-13-2007 Update

Duke got it's act together and made some *major* improvements. The power rarely goes out any more.

Did the Dolf Zone make a difference? You do the math...